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Galit Criden, Choreographer, and Movement teacher. She holds a BEd and a graduate of the School of Visual Theater. Co-founder of ' New-Stuff' group: A theater, performance, plastic art group. She performed in various places around Israel and abroad. Her performance includes: 'Observation Room II', 'Work Big', 'Singular', 'Phase II' and BodySpeak'. She received in 2017 Rabinovitz a prize for excellence in dance. Currently, she is an artist in the Fest'Fectory compound, Bat-Yam Israel. www.galitcriden.com




Dana is a qualified and UK trained Drama and movement therapist (MA) and a qualified teacher (B.Ed.) with years of experience in Israel and the UK in creative educational work with children of all ages.

Dana’s collaborations with educational authorities such as Israel's Ministry of Education and Israel Anti-Drug Authority resulted in successful bespoke educational programmes and theatre productions that run to this day. Dana is also the founder and manager of Israel’s largest online community for theatre teachers, Drama Queen.


Dana has a passion for creating better educational platforms for children. Since the birth of her first child, Maya, Dana realised that she would like to make sure that Maya and other children have access to quality Hebrew education in London.

The visionary and founder behind Hebrew London Gymnasium is Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) Yulia Desiatnikov, who has spent more than 20 years establishing educational centres around the globe. Today alumni of her schools and gymnasiums study at the world’s top universities; they work for the leading international companies, or pursue academic careers as researchers or faculty members in the most prestigious schools around the world.


Bringing together an international team of scholars, linguists, professional artists, actors and psychologists Desiatnikov successfully applies a wide range of unique teaching methodologies tailored to the needs and talents of each and every student within her educational projects in London, Paris, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Riga and Tel-Aviv.